Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric releases wireless pedal for TIG welding

Lincoln Electric introduced a wireless pedal that delivers an enhanced level of freedom and mobility for TIG welding applications. The K3127-1 Wireless Pedal reduces clutter and improves workplace safety by eliminating cords that can lead to tripping hazards in the shop environment.The wireless pedal makes it easier to access hard-to-reach areas. The receiver features an LED display that indicates the status of foot pedal battery life, welding output and signal integrity. It also includes a power cable adapter requiring.

The system includes the foot pedal (K3350-1) and receiver (K3351-1), which operate on any of the following Lincoln Electric power sources:

  • Aspect 375
  • Square Wave TIG 175
  • Precision TIG 225, 275, 375
  • Invertec V205-T, V350 PRO
  • Power Wave C300, S350, S500 (all require a K2909-1 adapter)
  • Power MIG 350MP
  • Flextec 450, 650

For more information on Lincoln Electric’s Wireless Pedal system, visit to obtain MC13-175.