New Pig Corporation

New Pig kit allows fast response to spills

New Pig has introduced the PIG Spill Kit in High Visibility Economy Container - packed with top-quality PIG absorbents and affordable enough to be stocked in spill-prone areas throughout the entire facility.

The bright yellow kit features a non-threaded, lift-off lid for fast access to spill response contents and molded-in handles for easy carrying. The container’s lightweight, polyethylene construction resists oil and chemical splashes and keeps kit contents clean and dry. 

Easy to locate in the event of a spill, the Spill Kit in High-Visibility Container can help facilities save money when dedicated UN rated containers are not needed for disposal of spent absorbents. Temporary disposal bags are included for faster cleanup and a tamperproof seal on the kit helps to prevent pilfering of contents. 

PIG Spill Kits in High-Visibility Economy Containers are available in various absorbency and size combinations. For more information about this kit or to learn about custom spill kits, contact New Pig at 1-800-HOT-HOGS or visit