Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Kaeser variable speed compressors simplify maintenance

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. announced the new SFC 18S and SFC 22S variable speed drive rotary screw compressors are now available. These units deliver the "built-for-a-lifetime" reliability, simple maintenance, and sustainable energy savings, according to the company.

The SFC 18S has a flow range of 33-119 cfm at 125 psig and is available with pressures up to 217 psig. The SFC 22S has a flow range of 33-141 cfm at 125 psig, with pressures up to 217 psig. Both models feature the latest in Siemens drive technology.

These units feature a new airend specifically designed to optimize performance and efficiency. They also come standard with TEFC premium efficiency motors. These energy efficiency improvements result in a performance advantage over the competition as high as 20 percent. The enhanced cooling design ensures the overall package is ready for severe operating conditions.

Maintenance accessibility has also been improved. The units' new compact design and two large hinged service doors make it possible to service the unit from one side. The automatic belt tensioning device prolongs belt life and simplifies service, while maintaining optimal drive efficiency. The SFC 18S and 22S are also available with an integrated dryer for premium compressed air quality.

To learn more about the new SFC 18S and SFC 22S, visit www.kaesernews.com/SFC18S_22S. To be connected to a local representative for additional information, call 877-586-2691.