Snap-on Diagnostics

Snap-on Software Subscription offers access to continuous diagnostic updates

With the new Snap-on Software Subscription Program, automotive professionals now have access to continuous diagnostic software upgrades and the most affordable payment plan. Automatic subscription updates make it easier for shops and technicians to have comprehensive coverage to perform at their peak. This program delivers continually updated diagnostic data for late-model and older vehicles, including thousands of new vehicle systems, trouble codes, live data parameters, experienced-based troubleshooter tips, functional tests, adaptations and the new SureTrack service – a destination for expert knowledge – all for the lowest investment ever, according to the company.

“We know our customers understand the value of current diagnostic coverage, so we’ve created a program to keep them up-to-date all the time, putting them at the top of their game to earn at their fullest potential,” said Leian Wunderlich, software program manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “Payments over time are easier on technicians’ wallets, and they get more coverage for less.”

Enrolling in the Snap-on Software Subscription includes:

  • New codes, data, tests and tips back to 1992 models
  • New model year coverage for more than 40 domestic and Asian makes
  • Coverage from all previous upgrades and upgrades to come
  • Navigation enhancements for faster vehicle ID and quicker access to information
  • SureTrack expert knowledge, diagnostic experience and parts replacement records from successful repairs, wrapped in an interactive support community.

For users of Snap-on’s optional European diagnostic software coverage, the software subscription service also includes regular European upgrades.

To learn more about the Snap-on Software Subscription Program available for Software Upgrade 14.2, talk to a Snap-on representative or visit