U.S. Bank Fleet Virtual Pay enables fleet payments virtually anywhere

U.S. Bank is expanding its fuel solutions program to include cardless single-use accounts with U.S. Bank Fleet Virtual Pay. Now in pilot, U.S. Bank Fleet Virtual Pay will enable drivers to pay for fuel or unexpected repairs at times when purchasing with a U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Card is not an option. 

The new service is the first and only single-use account solution to offer enhanced “Level III” fleet data reports, including detailed information such as odometer reading, fuel type selected, gallons pumped and price per gallon for each cardless purchase. This deeper insight provides organization with greater visibility into and control over driver spending. 

U.S. Bank Fleet Virtual Pay enables cardless purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted, generating a unique MasterCard account number for each cardless transaction. It expands fueling options for drivers while eliminating the need to carry multiple cards.   

"When drivers carry multiple cards, paperwork and other programs, costs increase," said U.S. Bank Fleet Product Manager Ramel Lindsay. "The cardless Fleet Virtual Pay solution from U.S. Bank improves efficiency for administrators and drivers alike. No more reimbursements and no more lost rebate opportunities. It is the easiest, most innovative fleet solution on the market." 

The addition of Fleet Virtual Pay effectively extends the Voyager Fleet Card’s reach beyond the Voyager Network of more than 230,000 locations nationwide to include more than 600,000 MasterCard-accepting fuel and maintenance locations across the United States. 

The new service will be broadly available in Fall 2014.