Azuga and SpeedGauge partner to unveil Azuga SpeedSafe cloud-based GPS fleet tracking

Azuga, a leading instant-install cloud-based GPS fleet tracking and driver behavior solution, unveils Azuga SpeedSafe in partnership with SpeedGauge, an international provider of driver behavior and speed management solutions. The newest addition to Azuga’s GPS fleet tracking product line will allow fleet managers to improve safety and decrease costs by slowing down drivers. The unique innovation of the new speed monitoring system is the ability to track speeding incidents everywhere a fleet operates – not just the open road or on interstates.  

The National Safety Council estimates speed-related crashes result in nearly 13,000 deaths and a $40 billion cost to United States citizens each year. Furthermore, these crashes cost fleet managers $6 billion in lost productivity annually.

"Speeding is not only against the law but it’s also a huge safety concern especially when it occurs in inclement weather, school zones, parking lots or loading zones. This also makes it a major liability for our fleet customers," said Ananth Rani, vice president of Azuga. "Azuga reads vehicle speed from wheel sensors every second and ensures a very accurate solution for our customers."

Azuga SpeedSafe compares actual vehicle speeds with the posted speed limits on interstates, as well as frontage and side roads, rural and urban streets, yards and specific locations identified by fleet managers. The latest addition allows fleet managers to set customized speeding thresholds, receive real-time alerts of incidents that exceed those thresholds, and pinpoint the exact location where the infraction occurred, including an optional street view.

"This technology has decreased the number of speed events by more than 40 percent in 3 months," said Remy Cano, President of Northwest Tank. "Safety is a top priority, and by utilizing Azuga SpeedSafe’s groundbreaking speed monitoring technology, we are continuing our commitment to fleet safety for our employees and the communities they serve."

 "Our industry understands that speeding matters everywhere, and fleet safety managers expect a solution that can achieve speed monitoring everywhere," said SpeedGauge CEO, Jonathan Hubbard. "Traditional speed monitoring services such as virtual governors only offer a blanket top speed threshold across all locations. Our partnership with Azuga demonstrates our joint commitment to the most broadly applicable speed monitoring solutions for all fleets."

With Azuga SpeedSafe, customers will benefit from a reduction in speeding, hard-breaking and speeding citations – saving costs, minimizing liability and keeping drivers safe. Fleet operators can click here to learn more about this new speed monitoring business solution. Azuga SpeedSafe is immediately available.

Azuga invites Fleet professionals in the market for the next generation of Fleet-GPS solutions to its Shaken and Stirred event at Vincent A Restaurant in Minneapolis today, Wednesday, April 9. Click here to RSVP.