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Clore Booster PACs meet California and Oregon energy rules

Clore Automotive presents its ES2500C and ES5000C models, which meet recently instituted energy requirements in California and Oregon, from Booster PAC. Like their predecessors, the new models deliver exceptional jump starting performance and reliability, with the added improvement of more efficient recharging and reduced energy consumption.

Booster PAC jump starters address a wide variety of jump starting environments, including automotive, marine, industrial and agricultural applications.  All Booster PAC models utilize our exclusive ES Series battery, which is specifically designed for vehicle jump starting, to deliver high peak amps, extended cranking power and superior durability in the toughest starting applications. 

Both models feature the ease and convenience of automatic charging, eliminating the possibility of overcharging and allowing the unit to be in an always-ready state. Industrial Grade Hot Jaw clamps ensure efficient power transfer, penetrating corroded battery terminals with their high-tension springs. Their impact resistant cases and heavy-gauge flexible cables offer protection from everyday shop environments, and battery status LEDs provide a quick, at-a-glance snapshot of onboard battery condition and need for charge.

The new ES2500C and ES5000C models are just two of the many products available from Clore Automotive that meet the recently passed energy requirements. The company offers a full line of jump starters and battery chargers approved for use by California and Oregon, ensuring that service facilities and repair professionals in both states have the equipment they need to properly service their customers’ vehicles.

Clore Automotive is a provider in the design, development and manufacture of automotive service equipment for professionals and consumers, including jump starters, battery chargers, battery testers, power inverters, heavy-duty starting equipment, cooling system service equipment and automatic transmission fluid exchange equipment. More information can be found at