Alldata Corp.

Alldata releases VIN decoder enhancement

Alldata LLC,has enhanced its core products, Alldata Repair S3000 and ALLDATA Collision S3500 with a VIN Decoder.

"In repair shops today, efficiency is king," said Alldata president, Jeff Lagges. "Anything we can do to help technicians save time and move vehicles through faster will help shops increase revenue. So many of us at Alldata have worked in the bays turning wrenches, so we understand what can make a positive difference to a shop on a daily basis."

Entering the VIN into the system will automatically pull up the year, make, model and engine for the specific vehicle being worked on. This can help save time and frustration and help ensure the technician is working on the correct vehicle-engine combination.

Further enhancements to Alldata Repair S3000 and Alldata Collision S3500 include easier scroll bar navigation and greater control when displaying saved articles. These enhancements are in response to direct feedback Alldata received from its customers.

"While we never stop researching and developing new products, we are always very aware of the product that put us on the map," said Lagges. "Alldata Repair is the leading source of OEM information and we'll continue our tradition of innovation to meet evolving customer needs."

For more information about Alldata and Alldata Repair S3000 or Allata Collision S3500, visit or call 800-697-2533.