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Snap-on introduces Ethos+ Technician Plan

The Ethos+ Technician Plan from Snap-on provides technicians a way to get Ethos+ scan tool continuous software upgrades and full-warranty coverage for one weekly payment. The flexible two- or three-year ownership program is tailored to technicians who need their own diagnostic tool.

With the Ethos+ Technician Plan, software upgrades are included so technicians always have the latest coverage. Subscribers will get comprehensive data for domestic, Asian and European late-model and older vehicles, including thousands of new vehicle systems, trouble codes and live data parameters.

"The Ethos+ Technician Plan is the most convenient way for technicians to purchase an Ethos+ scan tool and get the latest coverage delivered automatically - all for one special payment," said Mark Schaefer, director of marketing, Snap-on Diagnostics. "With this great deal, technicians don’t have to worry about maintenance, upgrades or repairs. Their Ethos+ will always be up-to-date and factory warranty coverage is included for the full term of the program." 

Ethos+ offers OBD-II tools, including all ten modes of OBD-II, as well as reads and clears OEM-specific codes with the definitions on-screen in English. Technicians can also graph four live data parameters side-by-side to pin down the root cause of vehicle problems, read service monitor data and reset service lights. Ethos+ is designed to deliver an accurate diagnosis with only a few clicks.

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