Cummins Inc.

25th Anniversary Cummins Turbo Diesel package introduced

Global power leader Cummins is commemorating the 25th Anniversary of its turbo diesel engine in the Ram Heavy Duty Truck lineup by releasing an upfit package for model year 2014 heavy duty pickups.

The Cummins Turbo Diesel, first available in a Ram pickup truck for model year 1989, continues to be offered in today's Ram heavy duty pickups and chassis cabs.

With this 25th Anniversary package, 2014 Ram Heavy Duty pickup owners will be able to transform their truck into a unique 25th Anniversary truck with custom badges, floor mats, Katzkin leather interior and a Cummins red breather cover under the hood.


Preferred choice

The Cummins Turbo Diesel in a Ram truck “has been a preferred choice for heavy duty truck buyers for the last 25 years,” says Dave Crompton, vice president of Cummins’ engine business, and “significant technology enhancements have continued to deliver class-leading performance and dependability.”

Enhancements over the years include the introduction of full-authority electronic fuel systems, the move from a 12- to 24-valve cylinder head, an increase in displacement from 5.9L to 6.7L and the introduction of the VGT Turbocharger with integrated exhaust braking.

During the same time period, Cummins has more than doubled the horsepower and torque from its original rating of 160 hp and 400 ft/lbs.

"Our 25-year partnership is a testament to the continued advancements of our products and the inherent dependability that our customers demand," he says. "We developed this package to offer our loyal customers a way to celebrate this milestone anniversary."

Cummins has partnered with the Turbo Diesel Register to bring this package to market.