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Bartec TPMS tools allow techs to program more sensors

With the recent launch of tool update 51 for its range of TPMS tools, Bartec has added three more programmable sensors to its roster. Included in this newest update is the ability to program ALLIGATOR, the Huf IntelliSens, and in another market first, integrated programming of the range of Cubelec sensors using the Tech500. This first announcement explains how the Bartec Tech400+ can now program the ALLIGATOR

Last year, Bartec added ALLIGATOR to the Tech400SD and Tech500, the newest of their TPMS Diagnostic tools. However, Bartec strives to add value to its veteran tools, which is precisely why programming is now part of the Tech400+ features list. “Our customers have enjoyed using their Tech400+ tools for, in some cases, up to six years,” according to Scot Holloway, CEO of Bartec. “We’ve just given those satisfied customers even more added value to their initial investment, that’s what we continue to do at Bartec!” Holloway continued.

The ALLIGATOR sensor is a fully programmable TPMS replacement solution. The “sensible solution" consists of just three blank sensors that cover up to 95 percent of TPMS vehicles, to provide maximum coverage with minimum inventory. To get this important functionality on the Tech400+, Bartec has worked to make that easy, too. No hardware upgrades are necessary, all that is required is a simple software update for the tool. If a software certificate is needed, contact a Bartec distributor.

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