WheelTime and the value of discovering independent diagnostics

Four years after its discovery and one year after adopting it across its 200 location quality truck care network, WheelTime technicians and fleet services managers alike are giving the Cojali Jaltest multibrand diagnostic tool high marks. 

"Beginning in 2010 when WheelTime expanded its focus from primarily engine and transmission work to total truck care, we knew that as an all-makes repair network, we also had to meet our quality standards faster and more consistently. To stay ahead of the industry we’d need new tools, training and service processes," said Mike Delaney, president and CEO of WheelTime. 

Diagnostic tools were an especially troubling concern. "Tool costs were growing at the same time that access to tools was shrinking," Delaney added. "Our goals required that we find a solution."

Then, in 2011, WheelTime discovered Cojali and its independently developed Jaltest multibrand diagnostic tool.

"The Jaltest diagnostic tool is the only tool currently in the North American market that delivers information on many vehicle makes and all components at once, making 'bumper to bumper' work on all types of vehicles possible - no matter the make or model," said Delaney. "This exceptional tool is making it easier for WheelTime to meet the needs of its customer in new and extraordinary ways – and saving them a lot of time and money." 

WheelTime members report successes in working on vehicles and with fleets not previously handled before, including a wide variety of engines. Customers appreciate being given reports with data regarding the overall health of the truck, no matter the make. Even for WheelTime members working with customers involved in the challenging oil and gas, fracking and mining industries, the tool has proven its value. The Jaltest tool allows them to easily demonstrate the health of a rebuilt engine thanks to a live instrumentation feature that builds customer confidence and loyalty to the shop.
In one January 2014 example, a large national truck fleet customer brought in a 2012 non-Detroit powered vehicle with a "check engine" light on. Within minutes of attaching the Jaltest diagnostic tool, it was discovered that the code was related to a faulty pressure sensor on the DPF emissions system. A new sensor was purchased from the local dealer for that make and installed. With that, the code was cleared and the truck was back on the road in short order. The customer then brought another similar truck in. On that one, the tool identified the problem and it was determined that it should be covered under warranty. WheelTime sent the truck to the dealer for the repair and the customer saved thousands. "Everybody won because we all worked quickly as a team," said Delaney.

"A single tool that creates a holistic approach allows our techs to identify issues faster, no matter how many sensors or components are involved. It allows them to see the true root causes of problems that might not otherwise be noticed. That means fewer come-backs because we fix it right the first time," Delaney added.

"We’re also seeing that its portability allows diagnostics to be done anywhere, in the shop or on the road. And it means we can complete the entire repair and get the customer rolling," Delaney said. "Who the heck wants to send a vehicle to another shop or dealer just to reset a fault code and turn a warning light off? It’s a waste of time and money."

The Cojali Jaltest multibrand diagnostic tool allows WheelTime to standardize its work scope and quality across the network. Developed as a web services app, the tool centrally monitors computers and software license levels at every shop to help manage the upgrades to make sure everyone has the latest capabilities, which are updated three times per year.

Recently, Cojali released Jaltest 14.1. This latest update offers a number of significant features including seven additional brands of vehicle and component make and models, electrical diagrams and technical information on more than 950 systems (now including improved coverage of medium duty, agricultural equipment and bus/motorcoaches), advances in fault codes and trouble shooting, increased number of product images and improved schematics for better fault location mapping and new diagnostics for trailing equipment. "We love that they are continuously updating and refining the tool," said Delaney.  

Little did they know in 2010, when WheelTime adopted its high quality total truck care vision and 2-hour diagnostic promise or in 2011, that it would lead to the universal adoption of an all makes diagnostics tool that would make their strategic business goals a new network-wide reality. 

"Efficiency and speed, guided by advanced systems and administered by a high quality truck and coach service network, offer breakthrough capabilities for customers to reduce costs, increase control and drive uptime," Delaney added. "Our overall goal at WheelTime remains, as the name implies, to reduce time in the shop and create more time at the wheel for every customer."