Airgo Systems

Airgo Systems introuduces the automatic tire inflation system for drive, tag and steer truck axles

AIRGO Systems, LLC introduces the automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) for the Drive, Tag and Steer truck axles. At the same time, they are introducing the T3 Control and Communication Unit that captures wheel end & tire temperatures, etc. – storing them in a Web-based system for direct access or "real-time alerts." These smart, affordable and patented technologies linked with the current T3 Trailer Systems enable the fleet to protect the integrity of all wheel ends and tires.

The feature rich T3 systems will provide automatic tire pressure monitoring, intelligent inflation and deflation matched to the tire loads and help give fleets a jump on future CSA and GHG regulatory compliance. With these new innovations, AIRGO has "cracked the code" of efficiently adding or removing air in all tire positions.