S.U.R.& R. Auto Parts Inc.

S.U.R.&R. launches fluid line stopper kit

Replacing fluid lines such as fuel or brake can be a messy job. Gasoline or other system fluids drip from disconnected lines requiring installers to stop their work and clean both themselves and their work areas.

The new FLS330 Fluid Line Stopper Kit from S.U.R.&R. is designed to stop the mess helping make line repair work easier and cleaner to perform.

Featuring a cone-shaped tip, the spring-loaded stoppers lock into place to plug the line. In a matter of seconds, leaking ends and fluids are kept safe from the risk of contamination.

Included within the kit are four stoppers which can be used to plug lines 3/16" to 1/2" as well as those using a banjo style connection. Designed for use by both DIFM and DIY users, the stoppers are also available for purchase individually.

Joseph Wathey, S.U.R.&R. president, said: “The new stoppers can be used nearly every day given how often lines need replaced, especially in areas affected by the use of salt for clearing snow and ice from the roads."

For more information, contact S.U.R.&R. at 800-390-3996 or visit www.surrauto.com.