XL Hybrids expands its hybrid electric powertrain technology

XL Hybrids, a developer of hybrid electric powertrain technology for commercial fleets, has introduced its new XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System for cutaway and strip chassis vehicles, extending its technology to a new vehicle platform.

“Business agility is vital in today’s competitive environment and the XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System brings our success with class one and two vans to popular class three and four truck and shuttle bus configurations,” said Tod Hynes, president and founder of XL Hybrids.

“This opens up opportunities for fleets operating cutaway and strip chassis vans to get a 25 percent increase in miles driven per-gallon, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent, and see an attractive return on their investment.”

The XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System is now available for commercial vehicles up to 14,500 GVW, including van body, refrigerated, utility, landscaper, walk-in vans and shuttle buses.

The XL Hybrids’ charge-sustaining powertrain installs in just five hours, and has zero impact on fleet operations because there are no special plugs, charging or fueling infrastructure, driver training, or maintenance requirements, Hynes said.

“We‘re quickly changing the mindset of companies relying on fleet vehicles for their business success,” said Jay Sandler, vice president of sales and marketing for XL Hybrids. “With our simple approach to hybrid electric conversions, commercial fleets can increase their miles driven-per gallon, reduce operating costs and meet sustainability goals.

“The XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System is not only eco-friendly, it lowers cost of ownership for truck, van and shuttle bus fleets.”