Mac Tools

Mac Tools launches new truck graphics

As part of ongoing brand enhancement efforts, Mac Tools launched a new graphics package for our tool trucks. The new artwork was designed in conjunction with the legendary Chip Foose and features updated imagery and branding. Rave reviews are coming in as the new truck design is rolling out.

Customers of Rick Fatigate, franchisee from Wilmington, N,C,, are saying "it's the best looking tool truck they have ever seen."

Mac Tools is known for its historical yellow and white tool trucks and that tradition has not changed.
“Through conversations with our customers, primarily automotive technicians, it became very apparent
they relate the yellow and white truck to Mac Tools. We decided to carry on that heritage and brand
recognition by updating the yellow paint to be more contemporary and matched it to our Sunburst
Yellow tool box paint color,” said Robert Holmes, director of marketing for Mac Tools. The traditional
red striping and the placement and coloring of the Mac Tools logo have been modified to make a bold,
modern statement.
Other enhancements to the Mac Tools brand include an improved financing program, packaging
redesign, product innovations, and stronger internal and external partnerships.