Collision Repair Education Foundation

Industry provides $9.4M in high school and college collision school programs through Collision Repair Education Foundation in 2013

In 2013 the collision industry nearly doubled the 2012 amount of support it provided to high school and college collision school programs through the Collision Repair Education Foundation with nearly $9.4 million in product and monetary donations. Ninety percent of this support was in the form of in-kind donations and the collision industry surpassed the $20 million mark in total giving through the Collision Repair Education Foundation since 2008. Also, working towards being as lean of a charitable organization as possible with a full time staff of four, ninety cents of every dollar donated went towards supporting the school programs, instructors and students in 2013.  

"The incredible growth in support that the Collision Repair Education Foundation has been able to provide since 2008 is a direct result of the industry’s generosity and to nearly double the amount donated in 2013 compared to 2012 shows how much our supporters believe in the technical education of industry’s future professionals," said Clark Plucinski, Collision Repair Education Foundation executive director. "The vast majority of the donations are in the form of in-kind donations such as parts, tools, equipment, and supplies which are greatly valued by the collision school programs due to their limited budgets. In 2014, we are increasing our focus on securing additional monetary donations in order to be more strategic and impactful as a collision industry foundation. As a result, monetary donations provide the greatest flexibility to fund the industry’s most pressing needs as well as emerging opportunities that cannot be addressed with in-kind support. Furthermore, the Foundation is working on innovative initiatives and has developed a new model for collaboration that we believe will deliver tremendous value back to the collision industry.  On behalf of the Board of Trustees, staff and collision school programs we support nationwide, we thank our 2013 supporters and look forward to working closely with the collision industry in 2014.”

Chris Northrup, Collision Repair Education Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman and Professional Parts Group CEO and managing general partner noted, "The collision industry is facing the perfect storm of an aging workforce, shortage of qualified entry-level technicians, and a technical tsunami of new technology entering the marketplace with an under-trained workforce. This being the case, the need for the Collision Repair Education Foundation has never been greater. Because the success of the collision industry starts with education at the school level, the Foundation is committed to closing the curriculum gap, creating the optimal training environment, and ensuring students have the fundamental skills necessary in order to be job-ready on day one of employment."   

Northrup added, "The 2013 results for the Education Foundation speak so highly of this generous industry that understands the importance of investing in the future, giving back and preparing entry level people for a future in the collision repair industry. 2013 will certainly set the stage for the future growth of the Education Foundation and its’ efforts with students, schools and programs around the country. Thanks again to everyone who made the commitment to be involved and help us.”

For additional information about the Collision Repair Education Foundation, visit Inter-industry organizations and individuals who are interested in supporting the Collision Repair Education Foundation in 2014 and increase the amount of assistance provided to collision schools and students should contact Director of Development Brandon Eckenrode at or 847-463-5244.