Snap-on offers 13.4 reasons to upgrade to latest diagnostic software release

Keeping the diagnostic tools that professional technicians use every day up-to-date is critical. Without the latest vehicle coverage, technicians simply cannot service as many vehicles in a day. Snap-on Diagnostics Software Upgrade 13.4 is packed with the high-performance diagnostics that technicians need to expand their diagnostic capabilities to fuel efficiency and productivity in the bay.

Technicians can service more cars because the newest Snap-on diagnostic software upgrade offers 47,400 new codes, tests, tips and data going back to 1998 for all major makes, plus new 2013 domestic and Asian model year coverage for GM, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota.

Need more reasons? Here are the top 13.4 reasons why technicians should upgrade today:

1) Take on HVAC jobs with confidence using the 2000 and Newer Chrysler Non-CAN HVAC diagnostics.

2) Access factory-level information and tests to accurately diagnose and complete repairs with the 2008 and Newer Ford 6.4L Diesel Turbo & Fuel Pressure/Volume Tests, and the Ford 6.7L Diesel Particulate Filter PIDs.

3) Drastically cut diagnostic time, thanks to the 2005 and Newer Ford Door Module.

4) Diagnose and repair computer-controlled motor mounts using the HondaActive Control Mount feature.

5) The new factory-capable 2006 and Newer Honda and Acura Adaptive Cruise Control simplifies the repair process; level the playing field with this new factory-capable feature.

6) Keep your profits and avoid sending cars to a dealership with the 2006 and Newer Honda VIN Programming CAN Systems feature.

7) Hyundai and Kia Cylinder Power Balance update, the quickest way to diagnose the problem is the quickest way to a profitable job.

8) Carry out tire and wheel services on Subaru vehicles with no worries using the 2006 and Newer Subaru Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

9) The Kia Passenger Airbag feature expands your business by offering one-stop maintenance and service.

10) Handle problems with confidence with the Honda AWD Module.

11) New codes, data and functional tests in the Suzuki Body Control Module (BCM) coverage keep you from sending the work down the road.

12) Eliminate guesswork with the Toyota/Lexus Roof Module.

13) Get 24/7 assistance with a free SureTrack preview membership. This is a limited time offer only available with a Snap-on software upgrade. SureTrack combines diagnostic experience, detailed parts replacement records and an interactive community as a comprehensive source of expert knowledge for professional technicians.

13.4) Deepen your diagnostics knowledge with the expanded Fast-Track Troubleshooter, which features Fast-Track tips and Guided Component Tests, including a new theory and operations section with   courses for Enhanced Electronics, Ohms Law and Low Amp Probe.


To learn more about Software Upgrade 13.4, visit or talk to a Snap-on representative.