Matco Tools

Matco Tools introduces Dual-Offset Combination Wrench Line

Matco Tools announces the new Dual-Offset Combination Wrenches and Non-Slip Sockets, which provide quality solutions to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

The Dual-Offset Wrench has an exclusive twin-angle design that allows for improved access to tight and narrow spaces and an ability to provide increased leverage with an open end indexed to 30 degrees and a box end at 15 degrees. The non-slip open end design easily loosens and tightens fasteners rounded up to 70 percent, making it easier for professional technicians and mechanics to get the job done. The product line features a variety of sizes, providing users with the size they need when they need it.

"At Matco, we remain focused on offering products that make our customers' jobs easier and their lives better," said Hilda Shipcka, product manager at Matco Tools. "The versatile design of the new Dual Offset Wrenches and the breadth of the line illustrate our continued commitment to providing the most innovative and high-quality products on the market."

Matco’s Dual-Offset Wrenches aren’t the only new tools to hit the category. The company also recently launched a line of Non-Slip Sockets with a design that protects and works on six-point, 12-point, TORX and even 70 percent rounded nuts and fasteners. Featuring a high-visibility laser impression, these sockets make it easy for automotive workers to find the right size at the right time. Further demonstrating Matco’s drive for quality, these chrome molybdenum non-slip sockets are developed using a specialty heat treatment to create a socket that is built to last and provide continuous impact use. 

The Dual Offset Wrenches can be found in standard or metric sets. For the Non-Slip Sockets, users can chose from the 1/4" and 3/8" drive options in a range of metric sizes and lengths.