Collective Data

Collective Data offers a financial impact calculator

Collective Data, Inc., a provider of fleet and asset management software, has launched a Financial Impact Calculator on its website. The free calculator enables fleet managers to enter basic numbers from their operation and instantly generate a ballpark figure for savings possible through software implementation.

Collective Data offers readily configurable software solutions for fleet maintenance, shop management, operations as well as for specific sectors like government, construction, and utilities. Unlike other fleet management systems, Collective Data is engineered to adapt to virtually any particular fleet requirement without custom programming. The company has been serving vehicle fleets since 1997.

"We developed the Financial Impact Calculator to help fleet managers get a handle on the effect the right software can have in a fleet if used properly," said Jason Wonase, president and CEO of Collective Data.

Projected savings are broken down into seven specific areas and a total is calculated for overall savings, Wonase explained. "Variations within different environments could affect the potential savings. 

"Some fleets might already have a relatively low downtime rate, for example, so they wouldn't benefit in that one aspect. But, they could benefit from an easier management process," he continued. "Overall and in most cases, though, the Financial Impact Calculator will provide a reasonable estimate."

The calculator can be accessed from the home page of the Collective Data web site at