Matco Tools

Matco Tools introduces new lighting program

As Matco Tools continues to strive towards innovation, the mobile tool company is introducing two new lighting technologies as part of the Matco lighting program. The program will include SMD (surface mounted diodes) and COB (chip on board) technology lighting, which is designed to greatly enhance the quality of light available to Matco customers.

The Matco lighting program allows the company to provide the latest lighting technology for the brightest, cleanest and most efficient lights available. The use of SMD and COB light configurations greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to produce the same amount of light, saving energy and prolonging battery-operating life. The technology also provides a longer life expectancy, typically lasting up to 100,000 hours (over 11 years) of continuous operation.

"Lighting is a crucial part of working on automotive jobs," said Michelle Specht, product manager at Matco Tools. "With the addition of our lighting program, we are able to give our customers the latest in energy efficiency, battery life and luminosity: the important features that matter in the shop."

This new product line was also designed for ultimate user comfort. Most products feature ergonomic hand molds, designed to create an easily held, attractive series of lights. The LEDs featured in the lights operate on as little as 5 volts, and can easily be configured to work from a wide range of voltages to suit specific designs or various power supplies. The LEDs are also solid-state devices, with no breakable filaments or glass tubes, making them specially designed to be impact resistant.

Products included in the Matco lighting program are available exclusively from Matco Tools. To locate a distributor or for more information on the product line, call 866-289-8665 or visit