Unique Truck Equipment launches an innovative charitable giving program

Unique Truck Equipment has launched an innovative program titled 14-for-14 which is designed to give back to the community and encourage the generosity of its vendors, customers and employees.

The company commits to giving 14 percent of its after-tax profits to charities in the year 2014. 

How the program works

Participating non-profits put the 14-for-14 logo on their website and all orders generated from the inbound traffic earn the 14 percent credit. An important feature of the program is the ability of Unique to track the online orders. All of Unique’s website traffic is monitored using Google analytics and the origin of all online orders can be specifically identified.

In addition Unique’s customers can choose to "add to their order" any amount, which will be forwarded to the participating charity of their choice.


The idea for the program was birthed when the Unique’s President noticed a bottle of Newman’s Own salad dressing, which states that Newman’s Own brand of products give their after-tax profits to charity. He immediately began to ponder how his company, Unique Truck Equipment, could incorporate a similar charitable giving program. 

Unique is accepting applications from charities/non-profits who wish to participate. Applications can be downloaded from the UniqueTruck.com website and submitted via email to the following address: giving@UniqueTruck.com.

For over 20 years, Unique Truck Equipment of Grand Rapids Michigan has provided engine diagnostics, shop tools and safety products to heavy duty mechanics across the country.

For more information about the 14-for-14 program Unique Truck can be contacted at 616-531-8868.