Matco Tools

The Matco MT2769 packs 1,300 lbs of torque

Matco Tools' product lineup includes the MT2769, which offers technicians the most powerful 1/2" impact wrench on the market with a best-in-class breakaway torque of 1,300 ft/lbs, according to the company. An exclusive easy-change muffler design allows for effortless servicing and sound level adjustment.

The MT2769 has many features that help automotive technicians work more effectively and efficiently than ever before, according to the company. Aspects such as a one hand forward/reverse push button design, reinforced clutch mechanism, rear housing power adjustment and a tip-valve variable speed throttle, provide techs with the power and speed they are looking for in an impact wrench. 

"This 1/2" impact wrench is going to be a tool all techs will want in their arsenal," said Jody Baker, product manager at Matco Tools. "The MT2769’s torque, speed and durability separate it from the other impact wrenches on the market. We always try to provide tools that will make the job easier on techs and the powerful MT2769 is no exception."

Matco's MT2769 is not only the most powerful 1/2" impact wrench on the market, but also one of the most comfortable and durable, according to the company. The textured housing provides an ergonomic grip, which promotes comfort and durability when using the tool, resulting in less user fatigue and more comfortable operation for the long haul. 

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