Vipal's new VL130 ECO tread design verified by SmartWay program

Vipal Rubber Corp. is launching the VL130 ECO. Besides its design and compound specially developed to foster greater savings in fuel consumption, it is the first Vipal line with verified technologies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the SmartWay Transport Partnership, which encourages transport companies to use products that save fuel and provide reductions in the emission of gases into the atmosphere.

This is really a product that saves fuel and respects the environment even within the strictest standards, according to the company. Its low rolling resistance generates less heat, ensuring less casing fatigue. Being a lighter tread, its weight contributes to elevating the tire’s retreadability index. The grooves were designed to minimize the retention of stones and other objects. Recommended for use on free axles of vehicles in the long haul freight segment, they include rounded shoulders that ensure a reduction in the effects of lateral dragging. There are a combination of characteristics that ensures the VL130 ECO has the highest quality standard for a tire retread product.
Vipal reiterates its commitment to quality and sustainability in transport, by becoming a company with verified technologies by SmartWay Transport program. This is the first time ever that a program of this type regulates retreading.

“With the development of the VL130 ECO, Vipal has become a pioneer in South America by verifying a product according to SmartWay criteria to be used in the North American market, the largest in the world in the segment”, explains Plinio de Luca, Commercial and Marketing Director for Vipal. “This is not simply a new tread design, rather it is a launch that attests to the pioneering spirit, technology, quality and commitment of Vipal in terms of environmental responsibility”, he said. Furthermore, the VL130 ECO fully complies with European market requirements, focused on issues such as Fuel Consumption Efficiency, Adherence to Wet Surfaces and Noise Levels. Every tire sold in Europe carries a label with data stating these factors.