ATEQ TPMS tools have Huf IntelliSens configuring capability

ATEQ Corp. announces the ability of its TPMS tools to configure the Huf IntelliSens tire pressure sensors.

“Huf is an important supplier to the automotive industry for over 100 years and one of the largest suppliers of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for both OEM and aftermarket,” said Jacques Mouchet, president of ATEQ. “The capability to program Huf “IntelliSens” is a win-win solution for our customers and is a great example of ATEQ’s continued commitment to new innovations and being in the forefront of tire pressure monitoring system solutions.”  

ATEQ is an international manufacturer and supplier of testing equipment for the transportation industry and includes more than two dozen automotive manufacturers among its customers. ATEQ provides TPMS testing equipment for OEM and aftermarket. With almost three decades of experience in developing and implementing “First in Class” pressure technologies, the additional “IntelliSens” configuring capability for ATEQ hand held tools allows independent tire retailers to turn TPMS headaches into profit opportunities through improved inventory management, simplified repair processes and overall cost reduction. 

Huf “IntelliSens” universal sensors are tire pressure sensors which are capable of replacing the majority of original equipment (OE) sensors. “Intellisens” is a configurable universal sensor which comes already with a multitude of protocols and parameters pre-installed. This makes it the quickest universal sensor to install. It helps to reduce stocking levels and variants in tire and repair shops. 

“TPMS is safety system designed to warn the driver in case of an under-inflation condition. In order to properly service a TPMS, advanced diagnostic tools are required,” said Eri Muca, ATEQ TPMS national sales manager territory east. “ATEQ tools are essential and a "must have" for every technician. Now with the Huf configuring capability, the ATEQ brand offers more to customers.”    
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