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Bosch develops authorized independent shop network for diesel vehicle service

With the market for diesel vehicles expanding rapidly in North America, Bosch is developing a highly-qualified independent repair network of shops equipped to diagnose and service these vehicles. Much like the widely-accepted Bosch Car Service Program (BCS), the Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics (DVD) program will help consumers find independent repair shops offering industry-leading diagnostics and service for all passenger cars, light duty trucks and SUVs running on diesel fuel.

“Near-zero emissions, enhanced performance and better fuel economy of a diesel engine are driving the growing acceptance and popularity of diesel vehicles among consumers. In fact, research indicates that the first-time buyer is even willing to pay a small premium for it,” said Mark Polke, Director, Service Workshops Concept and Technical Support Services, Robert Bosch LLC. “However, diesel technology on automobiles is markedly different from cars running on gasoline engines. Considering that the number of consumers considering the purchase of diesel-fueled vehicles has grown from 12 percent to 30 percent in the last few years, it is the perfect time for Bosch to offer a diesel servicing program, based on our extensive knowledge and experience with diesel vehicle technology,” he said.

“Our history with diesel engines goes back more than 75 years,” said Polke. Bosch provided the injection technology for the world’s first diesel engine in a passenger car over 75 years ago. The first series-produced diesel passenger car with Bosch injection, a Mercedes-Benz 260D, debuted at the Berlin Automobile Exhibition in 1936 and the company founder, Robert Bosch himself, issued the development contract for the diesel injection pump in 1922 – initially for use in trucks.

According to Polke, “The Bosch Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics program is an upgrade from our current diesel drive-in repair program (Diesel Service Center). Independent shops interested in diesel service can enter an emerging service and repair market with a partner like Bosch that can provide the knowledge, expertise, quality parts, tools and equipment, and technical training and field support, plus a host of partner programs that will help the shop do business day-to-day.”

Bosch is the world’s top supplier of diesel fuel injection systems and the technology leader in the development of cleaner, more efficient diesel engine systems, components and replacement parts.

To qualify for the Bosch Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics Program, a shop must have:

  • Technical expertise in the area of diesel vehicle repair
  • Technicians certified in diesel service and a company focus on continued training 
  • Above average customer service skills 
  • A clean, professional and organized facility
  • A commitment to use Bosch parts and equipment

“With 53 new vehicle models poised to offer an optional diesel motor by 2017, and over 11.5 million light commercial vehicles and passenger cars needing service by 2020, the prospect for profitability for diesel vehicle service and repair shops is bright,” Polke said. “Shops that want to remain successful in business well into the next decade will explore the options and invest in new profit centers. Such shops will be the ones at the forefront of the industry.” he indicated.

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