Fluid Rx Diagnostics

Fluid Rx Diagnostics now reads Nissan CVT Fluid

Fluid Rx Diagnostics, a provider of instant lubricant testing and evaluation, has expanded its line of chromatographic technology analysis tools to include Nissan’s newest proprietary Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) fluid. 

As with all modern lubricants, Nissan’s new CVT fluid contains additives that inhibit breakdown. As these additives become depleted, the fluid can rapidly degrade making it unable to perform its intended function. "Nissan’s new CVT lubricant presented a special challenge. Its unique and proprietary formula required us to perform extensive laboratory analysis to determine its breakdown rate. Once that was documented, we were able to correlate radial planar chromatographic images to the lab reports. As with all of our fluid analysis tools, only one drop of the Nissan CVT is needed to accurately measure the condition of a vehicle’s fluid" said Fluid Rx Diagnostics CEO Ron McElroy.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics has created a complete Nissan Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card in conjunction with its OEM dealership relationship with Fluid-Science. This Instant Lubricant Diagnostics kit provides service personnel and customers alike with a simple on-the-spot evaluation that shows the actual condition of all Nissan and Infiniti fluids; including brake, power steering, CVT transmission and transfer case fluids.     

The Fluid-Science Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card, Part #95120-CVT, provides a quick and easy way to identify the true condition of Nissan fluids. This diagnostic tool and information card is designed to provide customers with test results and a record going forward as well as an overview of the technology and benefits of performing needed fluid services. When using patented Fluid Rx Diagnostics technology, the consumer sees what service personnel see, instantly and at the same time. There is no guesswork, and the results are verified within seconds of fluid testing.          

Many new car dealers, service chains and independent shops that practice honest business ethics utilize Fluid Rx Diagnostics to quell the negative publicity aimed at fluid exchange. This reinforces integrity and bolsters customer loyalty.

The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) expects repair facilities to provide full disclosure with a proven method consumers can trust and rely upon. The California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC), which represents the automotive aftermarket to Government, concluded and published: Instant Lubricant Diagnostics – the best strategy to identify and recommend vehicle fluid change intervals.

Knowledge is power - Fluid Rx Diagnostics provides both the technician and customer with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding fluid service. Providing instant lubricant test results to consumers ups ticket averages and bolsters customer loyalty and retention.