Parker Hannifin Corp.

Parker adds complimentary products for SCR Electrically Heated Hose

Parker Hannifin, the mobile leader in control technology, is pleased to announce new, complementary products for SCR systems and engines. The Parflex Division currently offers Nylon and EPDM heated SCR hoses for on-vehicle applications. To complement those products, Parker has started working with OEMs on custom, on-engine hose heating solutions for oil circulation and crankcase ventilation. These new products utilize the same technology first honed with the heated SCR hoses. 

In addition to the custom heated hoses and the on-vehicle heated SCR hoses, Parker is working with DEF dispenser manufacturers to create a line of mobile dispensers suitable for the refilling of passenger vehicles to heavy equipment at public fuel stations, service garages, equipment dealers and farms. This system is designed for optimizing filling performance and vapor recovery. The complete system will be sold in permanent and mobile units. SCR products will be on display at the Parker Hannifin booth at IFPE 2014, booth S-80440 on March 4th – 8th, in Las Vegas, Nev.