Valley Proteins makes move to PacLease CNG vehicles

Through the lease program, PacLease handles all maintenance, and if there is any extended downtime, PacLease will supply a substitute vehicle to ensure seamless deliveries.

The initial fuel savings with CNG is making a huge dent in Valley Proteins' fuel bill. "CNG is paying off," said Evans. "Since we’re paying $1.71 for CNG, versus $3.38 for diesel in our area, we’re doing exceptionally well in saving money at the pump. If you project those savings out over a year, it would mean a $22,000 savings in fuel per unit. It’s helping pencil out the advantages of CNG and has the potential to give us a great ROI. What’s more, we’ll be putting about 15 percent fewer emissions into the air thanks to the cleaner burn of CNG."

According to Evans, the transition to CNG was seamless, thanks to MHC and PacLease’s very thorough orientation with Valley Protein drivers. "That really was a great way to get started," said Evans. "They explained natural gas and how things would be a little different and how things might stay the same – the performance of the engine is really quite similar to the diesel equivalent. But, there are safety things to go over, and fueling. We even went out to a fueling station and went over procedures. This ensured that our drivers were ready to go from day one."

Thus far, feedback from drivers has been excellent, said Evans. “They really like the Kenworths. They’re a higher-end truck than what we’ve been used to running – the comfort and visibility is just excellent. When the trucks need service – every two months or at 25,000-mile intervals -- we take them to nearby Charlotte for servicing."

Looking back, Evans said working with MHC Truck Leasing and PacLease has been a great business decision. "We couldn’t ask for a better relationship," he said. "I’ve dealt with other national leasing companies and they just don’t know equipment like PacLease. They don’t have the connection to the factory like PacLease does. And, we could spec the trucks like we wanted them – for example we wanted a 10-speed transmission and another national leasing company we talked with wouldn’t take that spec – they wanted to put us in automatics. It speaks volumes when your leasing company will work with you and meet your needs. MHC and PacLease focused in on our business with product and service that we just couldn’t find from anyone else."

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