National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)

NASTF board appoints 2014 co-chairs

All 12 of the important co-chair positions on the six working committees of the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) received appointments from the NASTF board of directors for the 2014 term. Each committee has one co-chair representing the OEMs and one co-chair representing the independent automotive segment.

Appointments included:
Education Committee
            Rob Barto (Nissan)
            Rob Morrell (WorldPac)
Vehicle Security Committee
            Bob Stewart (General Motors)
            Claude Hensley (Lockman)
Service Information Committee
            Steve Douglas (Auto Alliance)
            Dave Zwalina (Automotive One)
Equipment and Tool Committee
            Dennis Blough (Suzuki)
            Greg Potter (DG Technologies)
Collision Repair Committee
            Gary Ledoux (Honda)
            Tim Morgan (Spanasi)
Communications Committee
            John Cabaniss (Global Automakers)
            Bob Chabot (Manic Media)

In making the appointments, NASTF Chair, Allen Pennebaker, noted “Since the beginning of NASTF the committees have been doing the heavy lifting to be the source of progress in generating solutions that help OEMs and the aftermarket tackle the challenges of service resources. Again this year, the co-chairs of all our committees will deal with important initiatives; and,” he continued, “NASTF is very fortunate to have such an impressive list of volunteers leading these efforts.”