Sonwil distribution center enhances transportation fleet with CNG trucks

Sonwil Distribution Center, a Western New York logistics solutions provider, announced the addition of several Kenworth Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) tractors to its overall transportation fleet. These CNG tractors, operating under Sonwil’s Innovative Transportation Services affiliate, yield fewer emissions and deliver greater fuel economy and cost savings in comparison to traditional diesel trucks.

“Alternative fuel and clean vehicle technology is the future of the logistics industry,” said Peter Wilson, CEO and President of Sonwil Distribution Center. “The decision to transition Sonwil’s fleet towards natural gas is a component of our larger company-wide transportation strategy that focuses on continuous efficiency improvement, cost control and operational and environmental sustainability.”

Four Sonwil CNG tractors are now on the road with plans for additional trucks to be commissioned in the near future. More specifically, as new equipment is added and further fleet turnover occurs, it will allow for the conversion of existing tractors to CNG.

Sonwil anticipates the return on investment for the four new CNG tractors to be between 18 and 24 months, depending on the mileage attained by each tractor during that period. The CNG trucks are able to handle 102,000 Gross Vehicle Weight combinations.