Liqui Moly invests 20M euros in development and production

The German motor oil and additive manufacturer Liqui Moly is continuing its growth plans. By 2015 the company will have invested nearly 20 million euros in development and production - the largest investment program in the history of the company. "This will make our production facilities in Germany fit for the future," said Ernst Prost, Liqui Moly's Managing Partner. The company's products are produced exclusively in Germany. 

The laboratory capacity for oil production will be doubled. "More personnel, more equipment, more space - quality control and new developments are vital for us and are simply a part of our "Made in Germany" concept," said Ernst Prost. Moreover we are installing a complete series of new tanks to increase our production capacity and make our procedures more flexible. The company is also investing in a specialty: the grease manufacturing plant. Liqui Moly is one of the few companies which still has its own grease manufacturing plant. Special solutions for tricky lubrication problems are produced here. New grease heating vessels are being procured to meet increasing demand. All totaled the investment for the lubricant business will amount to 17 million euros.

Another 2.5 million euros will be invested for production of additives: for a new filling plant capable of also handling production peaks, for new tanks to triple the storage volume, as well as for a new exhaust purification system to filter out emissions. "In spite of the production increase of 40 percent, the air will remain pure and free of contaminants", explained Ernst Prost.

This total of nearly 20 million euros follow investments of 12 million euros Liqui Moly made two years ago for the tank storage facilities. "These are investments in our future and in the future of our customers", added Ernst Prost. The high growth has also had its effect in the personnel sector. The number of employees increased by 53 to a total of 646 in 2013. Increases will continue at this rate in the coming year as well. In January alone the company plans to hire 12 new employees. "It's not the machines that keep the wheels turning; the employees are what keep a company moving forward and make it unique," said Ernst Prost.