DG Technologies

MOTOR Information Systems and DG Technologies launch partnership

MOTOR Information Systems and DG Technologies announced the start of their new business relationship. The two organizations will look for ways to align key product offerings and develop solutions for their combined targeted customer base.

This new partnership will enable both organizations the opportunity to explore how each company’s products and services can align to address critical business needs of vehicle repair facilities. 

“MOTOR is pleased to partner with DG Technologies. Through this relationship, we have the opportunity to offer data to customers using diagnostic tools that hasn’t existed before,” said Kevin Carr MOTOR Information Systems president.

“DG Technologies is excited about the opportunity to work with MOTOR to bring relevant repair data to technicians event faster. Our relationship will strengthen their “toolbox” solution by helping today’s technicians get the most out of collective products and services offered by both companies,” said Mark Zachos, President and CEO of DG Technologies.