Automotive Service Association (ASA)

ASA Michigan to address 'short pays' at Jan. 18 event

ASA Michigan is bringing Lakeland, Fla. shop owner, Ray Gunder along with his attorney Brent Geohagen and attorney John Eaves to Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich. on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, according to the Automotive Service Association?. “Our responsibility as an association is to inform and educate the automotive repair industry to ensure that consumer vehicles are repaired properly and to the guidelines set forth by the vehicle manufacturer for their safety,” said Ray Fisher, president of ASA Michigan.

“There is a big difference between being cost effective on processing a claim and downright failure or refusal to pay for necessary work performed!  The state of Michigan under PA 300 of 1974, the Motor Vehicle Service Repair Act, acknowledges that the automotive repair facility is the ‘expert’ when repairing a motor vehicle in the State of Michigan,” Fisher continued. “The escalation of “short pays” (brief explanation of short pay – money paid that does not cover the actual cost of repairs) these past years is threatening the collision repair industry hear in Michigan and we have been looking for help on changing that. Many of our members have been watching what Ray Gunder has been accomplishing in Florida, feeling the similar ‘bullying’ and wanted to seek options; and so we did – and I applaud the committee for putting this together with me!” 

Ray Gunder, co-founder of Gunder Collision in Lakeland, Fla. will be sharing his journey, wisdom and process with attendees at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich. on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014 along with his attorney Brent Geohagen, who will also be attending and speaking. In addition, Fisher adds that Attorney John Eaves will be updating the collision repair industry about the injunction he filed in Mississippi against Parts Trader. 

“It’s unfortunate that our repair industry feels that lawsuits are the only remedy for proper compensation, especially when most of the differences are actually documented procedures, costs, materials or repair techniques that are needed – basically plain black and white,” said Fisher. “When you say ‘we don’t pay for that’ the next question is ‘Then who does?’ The repair facility didn’t have the accident, the consumer bought a policy which contracted with a carrier what would be covered in the event of a loss, it is damaged and it wasn’t before, so I kind of think ‘yeah you do need to pay for that,’ right?!  In addition, if the repair facility is competitive, since when is ‘we only pay this’ meant to be acceptable? Can I buy an insurance policy the same way while getting the same coverage? No, because there are variables that cost money for the risks involved!”       

ASA Michigan stated that the collision repair industry is welcome to attend, that they are not limiting this to just their members and those in states nearby are also encouraged to attend. The Suburban Collection Showplace is a large venue with the Hyatt hotel attached, so rooms are currently available at a reasonable rate. Those interested in attending can register online at and click on the “Stop Short Pays” link in the left upper margin or download and fax a form just under the “Stop Short Pay” link.