New federal funds available for repowering and retrofitting construction equipment with clean diesel engines and technology

Streamlined, more accessible rebate program will help reduce emissions

“Upgrading the emissions performance of existing diesel engines and equipment through incentives such as rebates is a growing success story, said Schaeffer. “Studies have shown that for every $1 in public investments made through DERA programs, attracts an additional $3 in non-federal matching funds including private sector investment to provide anywhere from $7 to $18 in benefits returns in the form of cleaner air and environmental benefits.”


The Diesel Emission Reduction Act has helped reduce emissions from older diesel-powered vehicles and equipment beginning since 2008. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that projects receiving incentive funding between 2008 and 2010 reduced emissions of  NOx, a smog forming compound, by 203,000 tons, reduced emissions of fine particles, or soot, by 12,500 tons and CO2 by 2.3 million tons.

“Thanks to billions of dollars in research and investment by engine and equipment manufacturers, the new generation of 2014 construction machines now have near-zero emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter,” Schaeffer said. “Diesel particulate filters included in today’s announcement will achieve 89 percent emissions reductions for particulate matter (PM) as well as 93 percent reductions for hydrocarbons (HC) and 90 percent carbon monoxide (CO) reductions from original emissions levels.”

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