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Automotive Training Group offers Toyota and Ford hybrid diagnostics training

The Automotive Training Group (ATG) has released its 2013 Toyota and Ford hybrid diagnostics 7-hour course and training manual. This hybrid seminar was built from the actual failures occurring in a variety of Toyota and Ford hybrid models, so it applies directly to the diagnostic, repair, and normal service challenges techs be seeing in the shop. Techs will learn to confidently diagnose the main hybrid drive components: batteries, inverters and transaxles. ATG notes there are many other systems with high failure rates:

  • HC management systems: HCAC, coolant storage and exhaust heat exchange
  • Various combinations of electro-hydraulic braking systems
  • Electric pumps and HVAC compressors
  • Hybrid component cooling systems
  • Electric steering assist
  • Other accessory and instrumentation faults

The class will show multiple tool and test solutions, including a number of tips a tech can quickly apply to rule out many faults, saving hours of diagnostics time. 
One tech made the following statement about the class:
“I was pleasantly surprised! Since the first introduction we had to hybrids years ago, I checked and I have been to 6 training classes for a total of 56 hours for hybrids alone. This was by far the most informative class of them all. A lot of information that I can actually use in the field and also valuable information to help me better determine what is beyond the scope of what I can or should handle."

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