Midtronics, Inc.

Midtronics introduces DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Midtronics, Inc. introduced the DSS-7000 Battery Service Diagnostic System at AAPEX 2013. The DSS-7000 answers challenges posed by several new and future vehicles, including capabilities for new battery and system types, new business challenges and a generation of service technicians familiar with app-based technology, the company claims.

"Today's service environment demands a diagnostic solution that offers a combination of information, technology, and communication to support the vehicles of tomorrow," said Mike Troy, executive vice president and general manager, transportation division at Midtronics. "As  the complexity of battery and electrical systems continues to evolve, diagnostic technology must be able to keep pace."

The DSS-7000 features full battery service management with VIN-driven testing and integration with the Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS); advanced diagnostics for today’s most sophisticated battery and vehicle systems; and automated service applications via touch-screen tablet controller.

“Vehicle electrification is rapidly expanding,” Troy said. As always, Midtronics is ready for the future of battery service with advanced technology and new capabilities. The DSS-7000 is the answer to changing trends in the automotive industry, offering our customers solutions for the vehicles of yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Key features of the DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System include:

Complete Battery System Management — Enterprise-wide battery management reporting and analysis is enabled with database-driven testing, VIN-based vehicle service records and WiFi networking to BMIS and network printers. WiFi also enables easy software updates.

Advanced System Diagnostics —Supports advanced battery and electrical system testing for conventional ICE, start-stop, hybrid and EV/HEV vehicles. The DSS-7000 can also identify batteries with low reserve capacity, a key diagnostic feature with the number of accessory systems requiring battery support in today’s cars.

Dynamic Service Experience — Connect the CVG to the OBD port, the clamps to the battery and use the touch-screen tablet with pre-programmed service apps to launch automated testing specific to that vehicle. Technicians can also use the full-color, removable tablet to help customers understand test results and service recommendations.