Automotive Service Association (ASA)

ASA Midwest to hold session on component testing Nov. 21 in Clive, Ia.

ASA Midwest will hold a dinner training session on component testing on Nov. 21 at Westside Auto Pros, 1901 NW Ct., Clive, Ia. from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Jeff Bly will give the presentation, which is sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts/NAPA Autotech Training. Cost is $20 to ASA Midwest members and $25 to non-members.

This meeting will provide a roadmap for shop owners, managers, and service advisors to earn a greater return on investment on equipment and technician training expenses. This can be done by making them aware of how quickly and accurately components can be tested using state-of-the-art digital storage oscilloscopes, or as they are commonly called: labscopes.

Today's scopes can be used to pinpoint problems not only with ignition and sensor waveforms, but can also be coupled with optional accessories that can quickly verify valve timing issues, dirty/imbalanced fuel injectors, plugged catalytic converters, and even help pin down hard to find noises and vibrations...and more, ASA Midwest notes. The ability to save and print before-and-after waveforms will give shops and their customers more confidence in the diagnosis.