McGee Auto Service and Tire launches technician training program

McGee Auto Service and Tire Stores based in Lakeland, Fla. has launched an automotive technician training program during the last week in July. District Manager Kevin McGee saw a need for a new generation of passionate, skilled, and highly trained automotive technicians. “We (McGee Tire) did this because we were seeing huge shortage of qualified technicians in the industry. Quality automotive repair performed by skilled technicians have always been a standard at McGee, but assuring this standard continues long into the future, we have now taken the necessary steps to assure we can continue to deliver our promise of great service to our customers through this exciting new program.  

Within this year-long, multi-course training path, six automotive technician trainees have been chosen to undergo rigorous hands-on classroom training and rigorous hands on certifications. Each student was specifically selected based on prior performance, positive attitude, and a sincere dedication to McGee and their career development goals. Additionally, each trainee was required to have been with the company for more than six months. The future technicians were given $3,000 worth of tools to complete the course to help them specialize in each of the eight categories of ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifications ( The goal for every selected student chosen to participate in the program is to become an ASE Master Auto Technician at the end of the course. Technician trainee Robert Burry added “this is the opportunity of a lifetime and has the potential to bring only the best talent to McGee Auto Service and Tire offering a brighter future to many that might otherwise never have this type of opportunity. I am excited to be a part of a team who invests in its people like McGee Tire has done.” Any interested techs that want to further their career in the automotive industry can apply online at