Matco Tools

Matco Tools offers limited edition camo toolbox

Matco Tools is giving customers a reason to upgrade their current tool storage with the introduction of a limited edition camo toolbox. The exclusive 4s toolbox will feature a digital camo graphic and camo green gloss paint, creating a camo-textured appearance.

“We wanted to design a toolbox that was going to be unique; an option for techs that really turned heads,” said Chris Cremer, Matco’s tool storage product manager. “Matco’s special edition camo box has the features and benefits of our high-quality, 4s line of tool boxes, but with a design that will make a statement.”

The limited edition camo option will be added to Matco’s line of toolboxes. Every model features a T-shaped center shelf that is fully welded to all sides for strength and stability. Each Matco toolbox is handcrafted in the U.S.

Matco’s camo toolbox is available in double and triple bay configurations, with prices ranging from $5,495 to $6,995, depending on size and features. For more information on the limited edition camo toolbox and ongoing promotions and financing, contact a Matco Tools distributor or visit