Paper Transport adds 20 gatural gas-powered Kenworth T660s to regional fleet

Wisconsin truckload carrier plans significant adoption of natural gas.

Andy Douglas, Kenworth national sales manager for specialty markets, said demand among Kenworth customers for the ISX12 G has been exceptional because the engine offers a mid-range option for fleets interested in running natural gas.

"The combination of 1,450 lb-ft of torque, simplified emissions and a 40 to 50 percent reduction in fuel price are key motivators for customers like Paper Transport to consider natural gas," Douglas said. "Price stability has also been key."

Shefchik agrees. He said since natural gas is domestically produced, it offers greater price stability than what the company gets with diesel, which is the main reason natural gas has such great appeal for his company. Since Paper Transport has been paying an average of $1.70 less per diesel gallon equivalent of natural gas than what it pays for diesel fuel, the company will be able to recoup the additional cost of the technology through fuel cost savings, Shefchik said.

"Because of global instability, the price of diesel fuel has been all over the place," Shefchik added. "We believe natural gas is here to stay, particularly given all of the natural gas production happening in the United States.

"We've been pleased with the performance of our natural gas-powered Kenworth trucks," Shefchik said. "And the folks at Wisconsin Kenworth have done an excellent job of supporting us after the purchase of these trucks. They've really lived up to Kenworth's award-winning reputation for dealer service."

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