ADOT gives out 2013 Environmental Green Shop Award

The Arizona Department of Transportation recently released the winners of the 2013 Environmental Green Shop Award. At the event Robert 'Trap' Trapani, the environmental engineering specialist for ADOT Equipment Services, gave the award out to Kingman Equipment Shop, the municipal shop for Kingman, Ariz. 

Several bureaucrats of the ADOT were present including Director of ADOT, John Halikowski; Deputy Director of Operations, John Nichols; Equipment Services Administrator, Devin Darlek; and Equipment Services Maintenance Operations Manager, Tim Brown.

The Environmental Green Shop Award Program was created in 2006.  The idea is that having an equipment shop win the Green Shop award not only demonstrates the shop's commitment to their customers, but also they have went above and beyond in the environmental arena, being good tenants to both the state and the taxpayers of Arizona.

In order for equipment shops to be competitive, they must implement and comply with over 150 different best management practices. The Kingman Equipment Shop implemented these best practices in their day-to-day operations performing self-audits to ensure compliance and they continued to maintain a level of excellence since the last time they won the award in 2008, according to the ADOT.

In addition to having the highest score for a Main Equipment Shop on the 2013 Green Shop Checklist, Kingman was our first Green Shop Award winner back in 2008, and the only main shop to win this award twice.

The Kingman Equipment Shop has implemented many changes to move toward being greener and environmentally friendly including implementing unique spill prevention BMPs in the shop, performing scheduled environmental awareness and pollution prevention training for all Technicians, and conducting and documenting all monthly environmental shop inspections.

Their chosen Action Plan was to use the side sinks on the parts washers as drying racks to keep fluids off the shop floor saving money and clean up time. No other equipment shop has realized and applied these Best Management Practices.

Shop employees Steve Carspecken, David Arnold, Jerry Puett, David Lopez, Lawrence Adams, Brian Auman, Curtis Thurman and Brad Hartman. Each of these men received a Star Performer Award.