Cellcontrol offers distracted driving solution to aftermarket and OEMs

Cellcontrol, a technology to stop distracted driving, announces that it is now available in the Parrot ASTEROID Market, making it the first distracted driving solution available to the automotive aftermarket and auto original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Drivers with Parrot ASTEROID Tablet and Parrot ASTEROID Smart devices can prevent accidents caused by texting and driving by downloading Cellcontrol from the ASTEROID Market.

Parrot ASTEROID users no longer have to purchase Cellcontrol Trigger hardware to benefit from its distracted driving control functions. Once a driver downloads the Cellcontrol app from the ASTEROID Market, Cellcontrol’s patented non-pairing Bluetooth technology will prevent the driver from texting, talking, browsing and more when the vehicle is in motion, while still enabling Parrot ASTEROID telephony functionality such as hands-free.

Further, Cellcontrol’s integration with Parrot provides automakers the ability to manufacture vehicles with Cellcontrol’s signal already enabled. Automakers can simply select a pre-equipped Parrot radio/head unit and ensure drivers are protected by Cellcontrol’s distracted driving solution.

“This partnership benefits current Parrot customers and has tremendous impacts on the auto industry,” said Robert Guba, chief executive officer of Cellcontrol. “Automakers have yet to integrate distracted driving technology into the vehicle but that’s all about to change, and Cellcontrol is leading this emerging trend. Our goal is for every motorist to drive safe, and that requires equipping every vehicle with distracted driving prevention technology.”

In addition, Cellcontrol’s integration with Parrot addresses the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) recent guidelines, which encourage auto manufacturers to limit the distraction risk connected to electronic devices built into their vehicles.

Established in 2009, Cellcontrol’s patented, non-pairing Bluetooth signaling technology integrates directly with a vehicle’s onboard electronics, and eliminates a driver’s ability to talk, text, email and browse on multiple devices while the vehicle is in motion. Cellcontrol’s technology has been recognized by the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Traffic Safety Institute, and is used by families and Fortune 500 companies. For more information on the Baton Rouge, La.-based company, visit cellcontrol.com and follow @Cellcontrol.