TMW Systems

PeopleNet - TMW integrations improve power-to-load matching with driver HOS info

PeopleNet (, the leading provider of fleet mobility solutions that reduce cost per mile, improve safety/compliance and enable profitable fleet growth, announced a new integration between its eDriver Logs and IDSC MatchAdvice from TMW Systems, that improve power-to-load matching with driver hours of service (HOS) information. TMW Systems is the leading provider of transportation management software to fleets and logistics service providers.

Making the announcement at the annual TMW TransForum User Conference being held in Anaheim, Calif., Sept. 22-25, PeopleNet Senior Vice President of Tailored Solutions Randy Boyles said, "The integration with MatchAdvice combines productivity and compliance. Now TMW's real-time power/load match optimization program also helps ensure HOS compliance by recommending drivers who have the available hours (through PeopleNet eDriver Logs) that are required to perform specific tasks."

The company additionally announced that it has strengthened its integration with TMT Fleet Maintenance–SQL, also from TMW, which now expands mechanic and driver capabilities with incorporated diagnostic information from PeopleNet Fault Codes. Mechanics can create repair orders within TMT using data from PeopleNet Fault Codes as part of the enhanced PeopleNet mobile communications integration within TMT, listing the default component, complaint and reason for the needed repair. Diagnostic information from the fault code is also listed in priority mechanical order in the repair comments section.

Also through the PeopleNet mobile communications integration within TMT, drivers can now inspect a tractor, multiple trailers and con-gear in a single eDVIR form that TMT can process, which reduces data-entry time. Another time-saver lets drivers correct a miss-entered trailer number without having to fill out a new eDVIR form.

"By integrating fault code data and PeopleNet's extensive eDVIR functionality more closely with TMT, our joint customers can better prioritize and streamline the repair order process, resulting in more efficient and cost effective shops," said TMW Executive Vice President Scott Vanselous.