Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association updates logo

The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association (AMRA) and Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) recently unveiled its new logo and icon.

“AMRA/MAP has over 20 years of brand equity in our silhouette of a teal-colored car raised on a repair lift. We certainly wish to retain and build upon that value. You’ll notice that the new image certainly looks more modern and yet somehow, very familiar.” stated Barry Soltz, AMRA president.

On the surface, AMRA/MAP’s updated logo is very similar to the previous one. However, the image and its message have been refined to make it more relevant to its constituents. The rounded corners create the image of a button that might be found on the screen of a smart-phone. As MAP’s Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards (UICS) become available electronically, this icon will become instantly recognizable as a link to MAP standards and other AMRA/MAP information.
The updated silhouette of the car has a more aerodynamic shape. It now looks a little less like a 1980’s sedan and a little more like a modern coupe or hatchback. 

“The car itself represents the three core elements of the repair and maintenance services that AMRA/MAP service provider members offer to consumers: The car is raised on a lift; its hood is raised; and there is a white border outlining the tires. These cues visually represent under-car, under-hood and tire and wheel related services.” noted Soltz.

The new logo will soon be expressed across AMRA/MAP web pages, letterheads, communications, MAP Participating Facility window decals and technician’s MAP-Qualified uniform patches.