Rand McNally

Rand McNally announces integration with strategy systems TMS software

Rand McNally announced the integration of its TND 760 mobile fleet management solution with Strategy Systems' Strategy Live software. Strategy Live provides affordable, turn-key, cloud-based software solutions for trucking and freight brokerage operations, focusing on small- to mid-sized transportation companies. Rand McNally's TND 760 device will provide truck location, driver availability and other key metrics to enable efficient management of dispatch and other operations areas.

According to Dave Stevens, vice president of Strategy Systems, integration with Rand McNally's solution was driven by customer requests. Strategy Systems had already completed integration with other mobile fleet management providers, but the company and several of its current customers were particularly interested in the TND 760 because of its low cost of ownership, ease of installation and driver experience. 

"Rand McNally's solution supports our commitment to delivering low cost, fast ROI solutions to our small and mid-sized transportation companies who have all the same challenges as the larger companies do in running a profitable business," stated Stevens. "The devices are also a benefit to the driver, allowing efficient communication with the home office, as well as to the company by providing any vehicle's location at all times in the process."

Transport 1, an 85-truck carrier delivering high-security, time-sensitive pharmaceuticals has adopted the combination of Strategy Live and TND 760 solutions as part of its technology investment strategy.

"We've found the addition of the TND 760 to our Strategy Systems product to be very easy, both for the company and the drivers," said Stanley Shadden, vice president of sales, marketing and operations, Transport 1.  "It's also working great for our customers, who now have the ability to see where their shipment is at any time on the web, without intervention from our staff."

Shadden also shared that Transport 1 has been pleased with the ability to monitor all of the company's equipment at any time, without having to place calls to drivers.