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Neutronics refrigerant analysis receives SAE J2912 approval for portable, dual R1234yf and R134a analyzer

Neutronics refrigerant analysis has received SAE J2912 approval for the world's first portable, dual refrigerant analyzer designed for both R1234yf and R134a, the company claims. 

"The Ultima ID RI-2012yf Series Refrigerant Analyzer is a tool for today and tomorrow," said Gary Halpern, president of Neutronics Inc. The RI-2012yf design maintains Neutronics' award-winning attributes including an optional built-in printer and "fender-friendly" design, while adding many new features as standard.  An internal LiFe battery, AC Power Supply, USB port for connection to an SAE J2843 A/C Service Machine and an "Unknown" channel for detection of R40 and other refrigerants are just a few of the standard elements in this new design. 

"Refrigerant counterfeiting and contamination is on the rise in R-134a and with the high cost of R-1234yf, you can never be sure of what is in the vehicle or cylinder without testing it first" said Peter Coll, vice president of Neutronics Inc. The RI-2012yf and RI-2012yfp are available now from Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis.

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