Largest Russian truck manufacturer signs contract with WABCO

WABCO Holdings Inc. has entered into a new multi-year agreement with GAZ Group, Russia's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The new contract engages WABCO as the sole supplier for a range of advanced braking systems and components to support GAZ Group's next generation of medium duty trucks. Series production is expected to start in 2014.

This long-term agreement represents new incremental business for WABCO and it is separate from renewal of existing contracts with GAZ Group. It comprises supply of WABCO anti-lock braking systems (ABS), high-performance single-piston air disc brakes, advanced air-processing technologies and other innovative braking components that improve vehicle safety and efficiency.

The next generation of GAZ Group's medium duty trucks will feature pneumatic braking systems. Previously, these vehicles used hydraulic braking systems.

"It is our principle to source from suppliers that equip our vehicles with the most modern and technologically advanced systems and components," said Bo Andersson, GAZ group president/CEO. "This new agreement with WABCO is another step in our strategy to continuously improve the quality and reliability of our products while also increasing vehicle safety and efficiency."

"This important new contract with GAZ Group further demonstrates how WABCO continues to deliver a world of difference through technology leadership, global connectivity and service excellence," said Mike Thompson, WABCO vice president, compression and braking. "As GAZ Group's sole supplier of braking systems for their new range of medium duty trucks, WABCO once again shows its ability to generate sales growth through innovations that improve vehicle safety and performance while also increasing efficiency."

This new contract between GAZ Group and WABCO continues their partnership that started in 2005 for supply of ABS on all GAZ Group buses. This partnership expanded in 2012 to add the supply of ABS for heavy duty trucks while continuing to furnish ABS for buses. Also in 2012, WABCO began supplying electronic tire pressure monitoring systems for GAZ Group's buses, including its low-floor LIAZ buses for Moscow's public bus fleet.

Headquartered in Moscow, WABCO Russia has 5 sales offices and more than 110 Service Partners across the country. From its distribution center in Moscow, WABCO supplies local manufacturers of trucks, trailers and buses as well as aftermarket customers across the whole Commonwealth of Independent States region.