Bendix offers new friction lines

New brake offerings include economy grade and RSD-certified aftermarket friction.

Ganaway noted the confusion in the market around replacement brake lining performance and RSD compliance, saying that not all replacement friction marketed as acceptable under RSD will actually perform to the standard. For a friction material to be certified RSD compliant, it must not only be dynamometer certified to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 121 standards, it must also pass a more demanding vehicle test.

"Official certification of RSD compliance comes only as part of an OE truck build or approval by a certified third-party vehicle test provider," he said. "We strongly advise customers to ask for evidence of compliance from their friction supplier when selecting friction for an RSD-equipped vehicle."

BendixOE Friction is the highest performing option, and includes solutions designed to exceed the RSD mandate with an extra safety margin and consistently deliver a stopping distance of 225'. It is engineered to meet the demands of OE certification and remains the only product certified for trucks above 52,000 lbs to maintain the RSD compliance performance level.

The full lineup of Bendix foundation brake products – drum brakes, disc brakes, automatic slack adjusters, spring brakes and remanufactured brake shoes – is commercially available and produced at the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Bowling Green, Ky.; Huntington, Ind.; and Acuña, Mexico.


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