FTI Group, Inc.

sureFleet announces launch of GPS integration options

FTI Groups, Inc. announced the release of GPS integration options for its popular fleet management software, sureFleet. The GPS integration options include partnerships with BudgetGPS, Geotab, TomTom and a low cost phone tracking option using sureFleet Mobile. Expansion of these integrations and additional partnerships are expected. 

"FTI Groups is pleased to announce these new partnerships and integrations." said Kami Rogers, sureFleet product manager for FTI Groups. "The GPS integration options and the new phone tracking capabilities provide sureFleet with valuable data giving our users an even better sureFleet experience." 

sureFleet currently offers integration with three popular GPS providers that include BudgetGPS, Geotab and TomTom. These integrated on-board GPS solutions allow automatic capture of travel speed, direction and vehicle diagnostic data. Information is transferred to sureFleet and is analyzed to provide valuable information for fleet maintenance along with a typical tracking toolset. Customers can also subscribe to a new sureFleet phone tracking option. With this feature, users are able to track the locations of their drivers via the free sureFleet mobile apps for Android and iOS. Users will have access to GPS specific reports whether they select the integrated or phone tracking option. Reports include driver location history, stop events, speeding events and total driving time. 

"We have completed our initial integration work with numerous vendors, allowing our clients to access their track and trace functions through the sureFleet interface," stated Jeffrey Godwin, COO of FTI Groups. "The improved interface and mileage tracking for alerts and reports is just the beginning as we move to a new phase of integration and begin to create notifications and work orders based on information from our partner systems." 

sureFleet is specifically designed to help business operations with better tracking and reporting on fleet repair costs, downtime frequency, fuel purchases and more. It provides data capture and reporting associated with fleet maintenance to record everything from oil changes and fueling information to engine overhauls and accidents. sureFleet mobile is a free mobile application that works in conjunction with the web based software allowing companies to manage effective communication with the drivers in their fleet.